Study in China is gaining popularity day by day. China is now considered the economic power, the major key player of international trade, and a technologically advanced society. China has recognized itself as a research, education, and innovation Center. China changes its policy according to global needs and attracts students to start their studies and careers from China. China is now offering internships and work experience to students so that they must have practical experience. China has rich historical background.
Students also experience exploring history through monuments and museums. China cities have a great blend of modern and traditional culture. Study in China will become you to capable of learning a new language, culture and foods that will be a new experience for any person. Universities and colleges represent the ethics and norms of Chinese society to new students. Chinese students are more helpful towards new intakes than anyone in the world.

Why Study Abroad in the China?

Universities and colleges in China are high ranked and reputable. The institution’s focus is research and lab work in every field of study. Chinese universities offer courses in English and Chinese (Both languages). Mostly, International students take admissions in English as a medium of instruction courses. China leads in the technology and information fields. Natural sciences and social sciences are also providing good research work to the country’s education system and the world. China is now prominent in the Economy and business fields. The new terms and trends are drawn from China and major policymakers and contribution come from Chinese Universities. Every province has a bundle of universities with specialization like USTC and Peking University Specialized in Natural sciences research, Major hub of studies are as under

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Tianjin
  • Nanjing
  • Chengdu
  • Shenzhen
  • Xi’an
  • Harbin

How to Apply: Basic Requirements ?

There are three intakes in the USA, Spring, Summer and Fall terms. Most countries have only one or two terms, but the US has a unique system. The Fall semester begins in late August or early September whereas the Spring semester begins in early January. The Summer semester may start in May but it is only valid for limited courses and universities.

International students are required to attach their English proficiency test scores with the application, as TOEFL or IELTS. Some universities require specialized test scores like SAT or ACT. If the student applies for graduate school then GRE or GMT additional test scores are mandatory to attach with the application.

Apply to Chinese University: A Quick Guide ?

Study in China provides the foremost opportunity for students to learn Mandarin (Chinese Language). Mandarin is one of the largest speaking languages in the world. Now students at universities can understand the English language. Language skill provides you the employment chances in China. China is the country that offers Ph.D. degrees in every field with work experience side by side. Students can get a chance to work as research associates with their supervisors. Students can get the job of the translator in multinational companies and institutions in China. Teaching is a very common job; Students can do part-time, and universities hire international students and induct into the faculty.