Enrolment Guidance

We are currently experiencing heavy demand for MS/MSc courses. All students that enroll will be placed in a priority queuing system. You will be able to access your position in the queue by logging into MyJMMU, selecting “My Info” then selecting “Enrolment”. If you experience any difficulties accessing this website,

  • You’re not alone. Help is at hand! Understanding online enrolment, confirmation and payment is easier than ever.
  • Over the last week, we’ve been helping people ready themselves for the next intake round. Here’s some of our latest insights and advice, including the reason why you should avoid checking your inbox.

Student question related to collage selection

If you have just started a course and have not yet enrolled, or have submitted your application for enrolment but have not received an answer from us, please contact the Enrolment Team. Information to help students who are thinking about enrolling in your course or program. You can find out the next steps to get you enrolled in an art program, and how to go about registering for classes. Enroll in our courses. We offer courses that are taught by experienced professionals and can be completed online or offline.

Enrolment Guidance App

The Enrolment Guidance App is available to help you enroll your child in kindergarten. This app will guide you through the online enrolment process, including payment and verification, submission of required documents, and the status of your child’s application. Download now!

  • Enrolment guidance is just one of the many features of your enrolment account.
  • Enrollments, requesting payment, and enrolling students are just a few of the common tasks you will need to complete through this tool.

Starting Point

The enrolment guidance following is designed to be a starting point for those seeking further guidance about enrolment in the University.

  • Enrolment times are very important and will determine
  • When a student can register for classes. The decision to confirm enrollment or not needs to be made before classes begin.

Collage Agreements

Enrolment Guidance provides practical guidelines for students completing the Bursary Application process. It includes a table of five key points to consider when completing your application, including specific details that differentiate between pathways and counseling areas, how to apply individually or in groups, how to arrange an interview if required, and what to do if you’re invited for a campus visit

  • Go to the official website of ETS and create your profile
  • Fill in all the information like your name, address, and email id, etc
  • Make sure the information you provide is the same as it is on your passport
  • Proceed to pay the application fee